The Fairy and the Witch

Manish Lama, Shree Bhanodaya Primary School, Grade 4

The Fairy and the Witch
Once upon a time there was a fairy. The fairy was very beautiful. She had two friends: a little boy and a little girl. One day all of them went to the beach and played different games. In the sea ahead they saw fish and dolphins. As they were coming back home from the beach they heard a strange voice. When they turned back they saw a witch. At first they were all very scared to see the witch. But then they were very brave so they all came up with a plan. They got together and fought with the witch and scared the witch away. They were all proud of themselves.

For Discussion:
The topic of this story is fear and how to deal with it.
1. How are the characters in the story coping with fear?
2. Can you remember a situation when you were frightened? How did you cope?