Keenjan and the Goat

Garten mit BlumeOut in the country there lived a rich man with his wife, Deepa, and their daughter, Keenjan.
Unfortunately, the untimely death of the rich man’s wife caused him deep agony.

Time passed by and the rich man decided to marry again, so he married a lady named Ganga,
who soon gave birth to a baby girl, whom they called Meena.

One day, the rich man bought a goat so that the two children could look after it. Keenjan took the goat out to graze every day and one day Meena went with her to graze the goat in the jungle. After a while, Meena needed to go to the toilet, so Keenjan took her into the bushes near a tall tree in the jungle and told her to do it there. When Keenjan went away to look after the goat, Meena was afraid of losing her sister, so she followed her. At midday, Meena was surprised to see that the goat had given Keenjan rice, Daal (pulses), meat and other tasty food
from her horns. When Meena asked her sister if she had eaten rice and meat, Keenjan lied that she hadn’t. The sisters quarrelled about this for a long time but Keenjan kept on lying.

Keenjan finally said that she would explain everything to Meena if she promised not to tell Mother or reveal the secret to anyone. Then, Keenjan told her that the goat had magical powers, that the goat gives her nice food every day for taking good care of her.

Meena was so surprised to know the secret that she couldn’t stop herself explaining about what happened in the jungle. Meena: “Mother! Mother! today sister gave me nice food from the horns of the goat in the jungle.“ Mother: “Ha Ha Ha, there is no way that the goat can feed you rice, pulses (Nepali Daal, Bhat), and meat from her horns.“ Meena: “But Mum, trust me, you see that is why I’ve got a piece of meat in my teeth.“ Mother: “ OK, then, we will kill the goat and eat all the food inside it.“

Keenjan was really worried about her step-mother’s idea but they killed the goat for the meal.
That night was a nightmare for Keenjan. Her step-mother called her for the dinner but she pretended that she had a headache and told her step-mother that she didn’t want meat from her beloved goat and couldn’t eat any food. Mother to Keenjan: “If you don’t want any food, take these bones of the goat and bury them in the jungle. Keenjan was really afraid of her step-mother, so she went into the jungle, dug a hole, threw the bones in and covered the hole with soil.

After some time, Keenjan was happy to see that a guava tree was growing where she had buried the bones of the goat, and started to take care of it. One day, a stranger came by and asked Keenjan if he could taste the guava. Keenjan was so kind to the stranger and gave him a guava, but he turned out to be a kidnapper. He kidnapped her and took her to his house. Then he tied her with a chain in the kitchen and told her to cook rice, pulse (Daal, Bhat) and meat because he had invited his friends for a party. Keenjan had no way to refuse and said O.K.

While she was cooking some breads for the kidnappers, two rats came into the kitchen. Rats: “One piece of bread for one bit of information. Chwikk!!! Chwikk!!! (sounds produced by rats). Keenjan was so kind and gave them breads, and they were very happy to see the kindness of the girl. Then, the rats explained to her: “The kidnapper is a cannibal, he has got many other friends and they will come tonight and kill you and feed on you. But listen, there is a treasure box and lots of money in this house. You can steal the money and run away from here as soon as possible. Keenjan to rats: “Are you sure they are going to kill me?“ Rats: “Yes, we are, because we live here.“ Then the rats got the key for the girl to unlock her chain, so she freed herself from the chain, took the treasure from the house and escaped.

Keenjan gave the money and the treasure to her father, who was really happy to see it. Father to Keenjan: “Where did you get this money?“ Keenjan explained everything to her father about how the stranger came and took her to his house. Early next morning, her step-mother found out about the treasure and decided to send her daughter Meena to the stranger’s house. Meena was sent to the jungle and stayed under the guava tree until the stranger came. As it happened before, he asked for the guava, kidnapped her, tied her with the chain and told her to prepare the meal for that night.

While she was cooking, two rats came to her. Rats: “One piece of bread for one bit of information…Chwikk!!! Chwikk!!!! One piece of bread for one bit of information… Chwikk!!! Chwikk!!!! Meena got angry at the rats and shouted: “You stupid rats, go away! The rats repeated: “One piece of bread for one bit of information…Chwikk!!! Chwikk!!!! One piece of bread for one bit of information… Chwikk!!! Chwikk!!!! Then, Meena took out the red hot burning Chimtah from the hearth (fork used to take out the burning charcoal from the hearth) and killed with rats with it. Suddenly the kidnapper came in with his other cannibal friends and surrounded the girl with the red hot burning Chimtah. They picked out pieces of muscles from her body at their meal until only the bones of her body remained.

The next day, a crow picked up a piece of bone and flew to Meena’s mother. The crow flew round and round the house crying “Ka ! Ka !“ “Ka ! Ka !“ (the sound produced by the crow)
while Meena’s mother was taking a sunbath on the terrace. Crow: “Mother looks sweet sweet, daughter seems sad. Mother looks sweet sweet, daughter seems sad.“ Meena’s mother was angry at the crow at first, but when she saw the bone of her daughter, she started to cry and tried to catch the crow, but at that moment, she fell from the terrace and died.

Keenjan and Father were worried about what had happened. Keenjan to Father: “Father, don’t marry another woman now, we can live happily with what we have.“ Father to Keenja: “Yes, you are right, I won’t marry again. We can live happily with what we have. Then, they lived their life together happily ever after.

– Grishmadona Maharjan, Anant English School