The Boy and the Tiger

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Once upon a time in a small and beautiful country, a long way away from the sea, there lived a little boy. One day he went for a walk into a deep, dark jungle. Suddenly, a fierce tiger started to chase him. The boy ran away as fast as he could. He got deeper and deeper into the forest. The hungry tiger chased after the boy. The troubled child was seen by some monkeys high up in the trees. They gathered together and decided to support the boy. The monkeys began to shout “cheeya cheeya cheeya cheeya “.*) The sound was produced in such a lovely rhythm that it sounded like music. Birds gathered together and started to chirp: “cheera cheera cheera cheera!” Those chirps seemed to add music to the sounds of the monkeys. Suddenly the fierce and frightening environment turned into a lovely musical place, where all the monkeys started to dance and birds began to sing. The fierce tiger forgot what he was after and danced with other animals in the jungle. Everyone in the jungle started to sing and dance. The tiger danced and danced until finally he couldn’t even walk away anymore. Then the clever boy tied the tiger with a rope and thus he had a narrow escape from the mouth of death.

*) Nepali description of the sound produced by monkeys

April 2013