Gemma and Grandmother

Sujal Maharjan, Shree Siddhi Mangal Higher Secondary School

Gemma and Grandother
Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a village near a forest. Her name was Gemma. She had a beautiful red cloak with a hood made by her grandmother. The girl was very proud of her cloak and she wore it all the time. So everyone also called her “Little Red Riding Hood”. One day, Gemma’s grandmother was ill and had to stay in bed. Gemma helped her mother bake some cakes for her grandmother. Gemma put the cakes in a basket and set off for her grandmother’s cottage on the other side of the forest. She reached her house and they both ate the cakes happily. Moral of the story: We should help old people.

Practising Language Skills
The story “Little Red Ridinghood” is also known in Europe. However, there it is told differently. Find the story on the internet and translate it into your mother tongue. Then draw a nice picture to go with the tale.