We Are One

Mediteraner Hof mit Amphore 169 EuroIn a village, there lived a poor man named Shyam. He was a tailor. Everyone in the village hated him for being a lower caste. In the same village, there lived a man named Ram, who thought of himself as a wise man. One day, Shyam went for water to the well of the village. Normally, in the past, those people, who belonged to the so called high class, received water first and Shyam was allowed to receive water last for being lower caste.

But, that day, there was no one from the higher caste at the well, so Shyam received water. He was in a rush. Meanwhile, Ram arrived to receive water, while Shyam was about to finish. Ram was angry at the villagers for allowing Shyam to receive the water from the well.

A few days later, Ram slipped on a stone and fell off a cliff. His head was badly hurt. There was blood all over the ground. Ram was taken to the local clinic, where the doctor told him that he needed a blood transfusion. But his blood group was very rare. Fortunately, there was one person in the village, who had the same blood group as Ram – it was Shyam. The villager requested Shyam to forget the past and donate blood to Ram. Shyam agreed to donate blood and saved Ram’s life.

Ram knew after few days, that he was saved by Shyam. Ram begged Shylam to forgive him for his misbehavior. Shyam pardoned Ram. Everyone in the village started to treat Shyam well. He was very happy to see the changes in the villagers. Then, Ram, Shyam and all the villagers shouted in a loud voice that “We are One!”

– Nabin Ghale, October 2013