The Tidy Fairy

Grishma Maharjan (2018)

The Tidy Fairy
A long, long time ago there was a brother and a sister named Bertie and Tina. Every night Bertie and Tina climbed into their bunk beds in their bedroom. Sometimes Bertie wanted Tina’s top bunk and they would have a pillow fight over it. Every morning their mother shouted; “You’ll be late for school!” So the two got dressed and raced downstairs. Every day while Bertie and Tina were at school, the tidy fairy made their beds, folded their clothes, put their toys away into the toy bin and managed their room properly. Every afternoon when the two got back from school, they made their rooms untidy all over again.
One day their mother had a phone call from their grandmother. Their mother looked worried. “Grandma has hurt her leg,” the mother said, “I must go and look after her.”
“But who will look after us?” asked Bertie and Tina.
“I’ll ask Auntie Jo,” said the mother. Bertie and Tina loved Auntie Jo. She always took them to the park and bought them treats, but had never stayed at their home before.
Then, when Auntie Joe arrived at the house, they all waved goodbye to their mother. “Send our love to grandmmother,” they said.
Bertie and Tina played in their bedroom while Auntie Jo cooked supper. Then, when Auntie Jo called “Supper’s ready!”, the children raced downstairs. At bedtime, Auntie Jo came into their bedroom to say goodnight. “What a mess!” she said, “Who’s going to tidy this up? The tidy fairy?” Bertie and Tina giggled.
In the morning the two children went to school. When they got home, their bedroom was still a mess. “The tidy fairy didn’t come today,” Auntie Jo said. “So you have to clean your room every day by yourself.”
“Oh no!” said Bertie and Tina.
Moral of the story: Tidiness is important.

Question: So who was the tidy fairy?