Makul and Mahima

Marsimpressionen 2013There lived an old man in a small village. The old man spent almost his whole life taking care of his two children, a young boy named Makul and a young pretty girl, Mahima. The old man was living very happily with his children, who were the two most precious pieces of his heart. Makul and Mahima were the only purpose of his life. Every minute that old man spent with his children was a golden moment of his life.

The golden days were passing by and the children were growing up beautifully. Makul was turning into the smartest and the cleverest boy in the village. Everyone liked him, because he was supportive and brave. Mahima was also very smart and loving.
One day, after they had finished their meal, everyone went up to bed. Suddenly Makul and Mahima felt a heavy shaking. The whole house was trembling and the children were very frightened. They heard their father shouting: ”Earthquake! It’s an earthquake!” The whole village was trembling and shaking and the people were busy running hither and thither. The old man also feared for the life of his children. He came running out of their small hut. He saw that the whole village had collapse and only very few people were able to save their lives. In this one dark night the whole world had turned into a nightmare. The village was covered in blood and death.
Until the early morning, the old man was mourning and crying with all his love in his voice: ”Mahimaaaaa!!!!!” “Makullllll” “Mahimaaaa!!!!” “Makullll!!!”. The old man couldn’t stop his tears. Suddenly a small voice came from under the rubble of the broken hut. “Papa!!!””Papaa!!”. The old man figured it out, it was Makul and Mahima.
The old man’s heart was flying high into the sky when he heard these lovely voices.
”My darlings! Where are you? Where are you?”
“Papa, we are under the table!” This was Makul’s voice.
Mahima called: “Yes! Papa, we are safe under the table.”
The people from the village who were still alive came to rescue the young people. The father was thankful to the villagers.
Makul explained : “Yes, Papa, we went under the table to save ourselves during the earthquake instead of rushing around and panicking, we figured out that here we would be safe.”
The father was really surprised to see the cleverness of his children and they lived happily ever after.