Husband and Wife

151 nEPAL 2011In the country side, there lived a husband and his wife. One day the husband planted a radish near his house. He took very good care of the radish plant. He watered it daily and maintained greenery around the house. Day by day it started to grow taller. Because of his very good care, it suddenly started to grow taller than the house of the man. The man tried to pull down the leaves of the radish but he was unable to do so. He saw his wife drinking tea and asked her to help him.

But both of them were unable to pull down the radish plant. Then the man saw a boy outside his gate, taking a dog for walk. He opened the gate and asked the boy for help. The man, his wife and the boy started to pull down the radish. Even though, they were trying hard, they couldn’t do it. Suddenly they saw a girl taking her cat for walk. They asked her to help them. All of them were trying to pull down the radish. Then the dog and the cat also started to help. Finally, after all the hard work of the team, they succeeded in pulling down the Radish. It almost took their breath away. Then the man cut up the radish into pieces with a Khukuri*. They started to cook it so well and had delicious food. The husband and his wife lived happily ever after.
* A Khukuri is a long sharp sword used by the Gorkha Army.

– Reetu Giri, Bhanodaya School, December 2013