The Boy and the Monkey

Dipesh Lama and Karan Lama, Shree Bhanodoya Primary School, Grade 4

The Boy and the Monkey
Once upon a time there was a brother and a sister. One day they went to the jungle to cut grass. While the brother was cutting grass, he cut his finger. The sister ran to the market to get medicine. When the sister returned her brother was not there. She called his name many times but he did not answer and she sat down and cried. Just then a monkey came and asked her: “Why are you crying?” She answered: “I am crying because I lost my brother.” The monkey told her not to worry. He said: “I will help you find your brother.” They searched everywhere for her brother. They walked long distances. Then they found a hut. The monkey quietly went inside and saw the little boy sitting in a corner. He called the girl. She was so happy to find her brother. She hugged him. Both of them thanked the monkey and they went home.

Creative Writing:
This story leaves some questions open. Try to answer these questions and complete the tale.

• How did the boy get to the hut?
• Was it really a coincidence that the monkey found the boy?
• Can you think of reasons why the monkey was so helpful to the children?

For Discussion:

In fairy tales animals often speak and act as the hero’s helpers. What does this mean for the relationship between human beings and animals?

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