Respect is Important

269 nEPAL 2011 Once upon a time there was a pitcher called Gagri and a jug named Karuwa.*
They were living together, Karuwa used to sit on the mouth of Gagri like a lid. People came with different pots of their own to drink water. Because Karuwa, the little jug, was sitting on top of Gagri, Gagri had always water while Karuwa didn’t have any. Many years had passed, one day Karuwa got angry and asked Gagri:
”Why don’t you give me a chance to supply water to the people?” Gagri replied: “All the little pots come close to me and bow to get water, but you have always been sitting on my head, that is why you were always empty.”

Hearing this Karuwa sat near Gagri, bowed to him – and got water to refresh the people.

*gagri is Nepalese for pitcher, Karuwa means jug.

– Nischal Shrestha, aged 12, Jaleshwary Secondary School, 2013