The Little Girl

Roshani Khatun, Shree Bhanodaya Primary School, Grade 4

The Little Girl
A little girl lived with her mother and father in a village. She had a small dog. She loved her dog very much. One day the little girl and her dog were playing outside the house. The girl threw a ball and the dog went to catch it. They were having a lot of fun. Then the girl threw the ball very far away. The dog could not find it, so the little girl also went to look for it. They went far away from the house. It started to get dark but they could not find their way back home. The little girl started crying. Then they heard a tiger growl. The tiger came out from behind the trees. The little girl and the small dog got scared. The little girl cried loudly and the dog barked. They heard a sharp sound and saw the tiger run away. Then she heard her father’s voice calling her. He had chased the tiger away. Her father took the little girl and the dog back home.

Symbolism in Fairytales
Fairytales exist in cultures all over the world. They are written in a special language. This language has often been called ‘The Language of Symbolism’. This means that certain objects and persons that occur in fairytales stand for real things or ideas in the real world. Thus, if you can identify the symbols in a story, that is, if you can understand the language of symbolism, you can translate the ideas and knowledge contained in an old tale into modern language.

Try and identify symbols contained in the story “The Little Girl”. What could the symbols stand for? What might be the meaning of the symbol? You could start like this:

Symbol Stands for Possible Meaning

little girl young reader the reader should identifiy with the experience
made by the story’s main character

father reader’s father or good good and protective authority or force
strong person

dog … …