Medicine for an Exam

Heiliger MannMunu was playing with stones outside. Her mother was worshipping. The mother called “Munu ssssss!!!” Munu replied : ”Yes, mother, and quickly run to her. The mother said: “Come on ! let’s pray, God will be pleased with you if you worship !” Munu wanted to know: “What happens if God is pleased?” Her mother answered: “It will be fruitful.” Munu felt her mouth water. She asked: “Fruit? Which fruit? An apple? I love apples.”
The mother replied with a big smile on her face.”No, Manu, it’s not that kind of fruit, what I mean is, you will get good results in your exam.” The mother started to pray with both her hands.(1) She rang the bell. Munu praid the same way her mother did. She closed her eyes. After a while Munu asked her mother. ”Mother, will I pass my exam if I pray to the gods?” The mother shouted at her with a loud voice: “No, Munu, keep quiet and just pray.” In fact Munu was really scared whether she would pass or fail her exams. Because she failed her exam most of the time, she was really worried. Her mother was the only one to look after her at home. Her father had gone abroad to make money. So she missed her father to teach her and share his wise ideas with her. She was really confused about the way she could pass her exam. Her mother was always busy with her own house works.

One day, there came a Sandhu (2) with yellow clothes, simple slippers and holy Tikas (3) on his forehead. Sandhu spoke: “Aleka Bam Bam ! Alek Bam Bam!” (4) Munu and her mother were putting their clothes out into the sun. The mother asked Munu to get some rice from the house. As soon as Munu entered to take the rice. Sandhu started to praise Manu’s mother: ”Nani (5), you are really a lucky woman.” Manu’s mother was flattered to listen to him. Sandhu wanted to know : “Nani, have you got any questions inside you?” At the same time, Munu came with a plate of rice for Sandhu. The mother asked: ”Baba (6), my daughter never passes her exams, she just fails, what should we do?” Sandhu was very clever and looked a little bit like a cheater. He stared at Munu and said: “Daugher, you are in great trouble. You are having a bad time. I have got a Buti (7) If you use this, you will pass your exams.” The mother wanted to know: “How much does it cost, Baba?”
Sandhu, moving his cunning eyes, replied: “It cost just only Rs. 500.”

The mother gave him five hundred rupees. Sandhu was surprised to see all this saved money. He was glad to receive the money. Munu was also glad to have the magical Buti and that she was proud that she would now pass her exams. She started to show her selfconfidence among her friends because she was wearing the magical Buti that would help her to pass her exams.
One day, it was exam time. Everyone was preparing for the tests. Munu was proud of herself. The day came, when the result was published. Unfortunately, Munu failed again this time despite all her hard work. Now, this time, her mother was really annoyed to see her fail the exam. She thought about complaining to the teacher in the school. How could she fail her exam when she had the magical Buti?
Munu and her mother met the headmistress in the school. The headmistress was really wise and kind. Manu’s mother explained everything about the Sandhu and the magical Buti. Then she asked the headmistress: “Why did she fail despite all the hard work?” The headmistress started to laugh at her. “How could someone just pass their exam simply by wearing such a Buti?” Manu and her mother were surprised to see the headmistress laughing. ”How could I pass then?” Manu asked.
The headmistress explained: “Work hard Munu, study well. Do all your homework. If you are confused, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher until you understand. Just study one hour everyday. Then you will pass your exam.”

They liked the suggestions given by headmistress. Then, Munu started to study regularly. After her very hard work, she passed her exam with very good marks without wearing any Buti. Her mother threw the Buti into the dustbin. Then, her father arrived from abroad. Munu and her mother were really glad to see him. Munu told her father: ”Father, I passed my exams.” They were glad to see her success. Then, they started to live happily.

– Bina K.C. Shree Bhanodaya Primary School

(1 ) This is the ‘Namaste Position’, the traditional way of Hindus worshipping God or the
(2) Holy Man
(3) Grey colored fire burnt ashes
(4) Holy spell to worship Lord Shiva (Mahadev)
(5) Way of calling someone junior to you with respect
(6) Name used for a holy man
(7) A scary medicine, a combination of herbs, and a magic spell.