The Ghost Flutes

Himmel AG 5 Dec.13In the countryside, there lived two friends named Ram and Shyam. Ram had a keen interest in ghost stories. One day, Shyam and Ram were passing by the bamboo trees in the village. Shaym said: “Ram ! Ram ! do you know ?” Ram wanted to know : “What?” Shyam replied: “This bamboo tree is full of ghosts, this is the place where ghosts live, aren’t you scared to live near by this dark jungle of bamboo trees?”
Ram answered: “No, I don’t think you are right.” But Shyam insisted: “If you don’t believe me, just wake up at midnight and listen very carefully to the flute played by ghosts.” Shyam really wanted to scare Ram and Ram was really frightened to walk home alone after Shyam had brainwashed him.

That night Ram was trying hard to get some sleep, but his mind was occupied by the flute of the ghosts. The night was getting deeper and deeper, suddenly Ram woke up. He walked to the window very slowly and quietly. He lowered his head towards the windows and just concentrated on his ears. He felt that he could hear really nice sounds coming through the bamboo trees. Yes, there were the sweetest sounds of a flute. He actually heard the ghosts playing the flute in the bamboo trees. He quickly jumped into his bed and got inside the sheets. He was scared to hear the ghosts.

Very early the next morning, he ran towards his mother and explained everything that had happened the night before. His mother told him: “Ram, don’t listen to this stupid gossip, there exists nothing like that, and you keep yourself away from those stories. Don’t keep anything like ghosts in your mind and heart. They appear only in movies made for fun.” The mother laughed at him and asked him to get ready for school. “They are only in movies !” Ram was not sure about this at all. Now, he started to get scared.

That night he was caught by a fever. They could not get his temperature down. His uncle came from downtown to visit him. He asked Ram about his health: “Ram! What has happened to you?”
Ram was relieved to talk about his worries : “Uncle ! Uncle ! I am glad that you came, I heard the ghosts playing the flute from the bamboo trees near our house. I am really scared. ”
His uncle started to laugh at him. Ram was surprised to see his uncle making fun about him.

When Ram was healthy again his uncle took him to the bamboo trees near his house. The uncle showed his nephew the holes made by insects and other animals living in the bamboo trees. The uncle explained that bamboo trees were very important and a safe shelter for the animals in the forests.“Ram”, he said, “at night, the gently blowing wind passes through the holes of the bamboo sticks and produces these sweet whistling sounds.” Ram thought about it: “Hmm – yes, is just sounds as if someone was playing a sweet tune on a flute.” The uncle smiled at his nephew: “Exactly, you got me. So there exists nothing like ghosts, you have to think about it scientifically. The sound you heard was the sound passing through these holes and moving leaves.” Ram was happy and satisfied with his uncle’s explanations and from that night, he slept well.

– Bina K.C. Shree Bhanodaya Primary School