A Message from Two Brothers

100_3191Once two brothers Bire (the older brother) and Chature(the younger one) went fishing by the stream. While they were busy playing in the water Chature stepped on his brother’s foot. Bire was in pain and bit his brother. Chature could not control himself and began to cry. He went to the bank of the stream and wrote in the sand “MY BROTHER BIT ME”. Soon after he came back to join his brother and they enjoyed fishing. But a misfortune happened.

Chature drowned in the water. Bire swam and rescued Chature. Both brothers were happy. Immediately, Chature wrote on the stone“MY BROTHER SAVED ME FROM DANGER”. Bire asked his brother “why are you doing such activities?” Chature replied,”Things which we need to forget are temporary and written in the sand and things which we must remember are permanent and written on stone”. “Wash away the fault and keep the good deed!”

Anonymous, Jaleshwary Secondary School, December 2013