Café Kathmandu – Our New Project

At thCafé Kathmandue end of July our Café Kathmandu will open for the first time. It is a ‘travelling café’ which means, we can set it up at any time at different places. All we need is some volunteers who are prepared to donate a cake. So, at Café Kathmandu you won’t just be able to have coffee and cake while meeting interesting people. There will also be information about the beautiful country Nepal.

You can find out about our projects, about the schools, the teachers and pupils. Children might enjoy doing our quizz on Nepal or checking out the interactive dvd donated by the Nepalese Tourism Council. Most of the times there will be a tombola or some other games – and if you are lucky you might just win one of our attractive prizes. Any money you spend at the Café Kathmandu will go to the schools supported by the children write for children e.v. If you are interested just check out this website regularly or contact us for a date when the Café Kathmandu might come to our area. Enjoy!

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