Why Are We Doing This?

There is of course the question whether there is any sense in pursuing such a project. What does it matter if some kids publish their stories on the web and a few other children and their teachers or parents read them? I believe that this exchange of ideas and dreams between young people who come from different countries will at least not do any harm. In addition, this exchange is possible even for children who as yet don’t have the financial means of travelling.

For now these thoughts shall suffice to justify further activities aimed at developing “Children write for Children.” The project is in its initial stages and already now, after reading only a few stories, it becomes apparent that these tales, told by Nepalese children transport a view of the world which in my opinion is a very friendly and generous one.

Grishmadona talks for example about an earthquake that occurs in a village similar to her own. A lot of houses are destroyed and many people get killed. In only a few words she describes the feelings of neighbours and family who rescue to children alive. When I read this story I was very moved and I am looking forward to hearing more from Grishmadona.

-Dr. Christine Ulmer-Leahey

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